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Past events

06/07/2024 2024 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/16/2024 2024 Patent Litigation Seminar
11/01/2023 37th Annual Pharmaceutical/Chemical Patent Practice Update
06/09/2023 2023 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/18/2023 2023 Patent Litigation Seminar
12/20/2022 A Fresh Look at Chemical and Pharmaceutical Selection Inventions: U.S. and European Perspectives
11/30/2022 Bias: Everyone Has It, Now What?
11/02/2022 Recent Critical Changes in European and Canadian Patent Practice
09/27/2022 Assignor Estoppel Since the Supreme Court: One Year After Minerva Surgical, Inc. v. Hologic, Inc.
09/20/2022 The Power of Section 337 Investigations
09/13/2022 Recent Case Law Developments Involving Method-of-Treatment Patents
09/06/2022 Forum Shopping and Judge Shopping in Patent Litigation
06/15/2022 38th Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
06/10/2022 2022 Jefferson Medal Dinner
03/02/2022 PTAB Judicial Panel
02/23/2022 Ramifications of Arthrex on Practice Before the PTAB
02/16/2022 Latest Trends and Strategic Considerations for Biotech Patent Challenges at the PTAB
02/09/2022 The Interplay Between IPRs and District Court Litigation: Strategies and Lessons
12/15/2021 When Worlds Collide: Patenting Software related to Medical Devices
12/08/2021 Making Your List & Checking It Twice: Considerations for Orange Book Listing in light of Recent Court Decisions
11/03/2021 Embrace the New Changes – Pharmaceutical Patent Protection in China
10/27/2021 Legal Ethics and Telecommuting
07/01/2021 Non-Member: Missed a Webinar? $45 Access to 2021 and 2020 Recordings
06/16/2021 Has Assignor Estoppel outlived its Usefulness?
06/02/2021 2021 Annual Joint Patent Practice CLE Webinar Series
05/26/2021 The Limits of Zealous Representation: Exceptional Case, Patent Misuse, and Antitrust
05/12/2021 How not to be an enabler: The implications of Amgen v. Sanofi and Regeneron for antibody claims and beyond
04/28/2021 Riding the 101 Wave – The Ebb and Flow of Patent Eligibility in the Courts and the PTO
04/14/2021 The requirement for sufficiency: how much is enough to enable claims to a range of products? Recent guidance from the UK Supreme Court in Regeneron v Kymab
03/15/2021 2020 at the Supreme Court: How the court impacted patent law despite issuing only a single patent case opinion
02/17/2021 The Impact of PTAB Proceedings on Bio/Pharma Litigation and Strategy
02/10/2021 Strategies to Leverage Recent PTAB Precedential Decisions
02/03/2021 Amending Patent Claims in PTAB Proceedings
01/27/2021 Examining the Latest Developments on the PTAB’s Use of Discretionary Denials
12/16/2020 Remote at the Federal Circuit, But Central to Pharma: Meeting the Enablement Requirement for Biotech Patents
12/09/2020 Structuring Biotech & Pharma Startup Portfolios for Global Impact, Value, and Partnering
11/18/2020 Professional Responsibility and Practice Before the USPTO
10/07/2020 SPCs in Europe: News and Updates - All You Need to Know
09/30/2020 Presenting Before a District Court: The Importance of Being Earnest
08/25/2020 Recent Developments in Inducement and Divided Infringement
08/11/2020 Diagnosing what Ails Patent Eligibility: Can this Problem be Solved?
07/21/2020 A Behind the Scenes Look at a Supreme Court Argument and a Biotech Jury Trial
07/14/2020 Willful Infringement: Acts of Piracy
06/30/2020 Written Description and Enablement Issues in Pharma/Bio Patents – Latest Developments
06/16/2020 Patent Cases at the Supreme Court: From Petitions to CVSGs to Arguments, and Everything in Between
06/05/2020 2020 Jefferson Medal Dinner
01/23/2020 PTAB Year-in-Review
11/20/2019 33rd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
10/28/2019 The Power of Silence: Negotiation Table and Courtroom Survival
09/17/2019 An Overview of Section 337 Investigations Before The U.S. International Trade Commission
06/07/2019 2019 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/02/2019 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
04/30/2019 Digging Into the Weeds of the Supreme Court’s Funk Brothers Case to Dig Out of 101 Ineligibility?
04/18/2019 Three in One: Global Patent Trials
03/19/2019 Patent Litigation Seminar
12/06/2018 Ethics in IP
11/07/2018 32nd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
10/25/2018 Partner Event: The New York Intellectual Property Law Education Foundation 1st Annual Diversity Scholarship Event
06/08/2018 2018 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/02/2018 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
04/18/2018 NJIPLA & NYIPLA Trade Secrets / Cybersecurity Protecting Your Corporate Client's Information
03/14/2018 Patent Litigation Seminar
11/08/2017 31st Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
09/18/2017 Blockchain Technology: The Legal Landscape And How It Will Change Everything
06/09/2017 2017 Jefferson Medal Dinner
04/27/2017 Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
03/16/2017 Patent Litigation Seminar
02/16/2017 NJIPLA Roundtable: Important IP legal Issues facing Medical Device Companies
12/08/2016 NJIPLA & NYIPLA Joint Program: Ethics Issues in IP Practice
11/02/2016 30th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
06/10/2016 2016 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/11/2016 Screens, Conflicts, and the Ethical Patent Practice
04/21/2016 Thirty-Second Annual Joint Patent Practice Seminar
03/16/2016 Patent Litigation Seminar
01/14/2016 13th Annual Lecture Series
12/02/2015 The New World Order –– Current Developments in Challenging and Defending Patents in the PTAB
11/12/2015 Fifth Annual NJIPLA: Electronics, Telecom & Software Patent Practice Update
10/22/2015 29th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
06/05/2015 2015 Jefferson Medal Dinner
05/12/2015 JPPCLE
04/07/2015 IPLS / NJIPLA 2015 Spring Symposium: Meet & Greet
03/18/2015 Patent Litigation Seminar
02/12/2015 Intellectual Property Protection in China From A to Z
12/10/2014 Ethics in IP
11/06/2014 Electronics, Telecom & Software Patent Practice Update
10/22/2014 28th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
10/07/2014 12th Annual Fall Lecture Series
09/18/2014 "Recent US Supreme Court Decisions on Patent Law and the Influence on Current Patent Practice and Potential US Patent Law Reform"
06/06/2014 The 2014 Jefferson Medal Dinner
04/23/2014 30th Annual JPPCLE
03/31/2014 Young Lawyers Networking Event
03/12/2014 Patent Litigation Seminar
02/06/2014 Branding and Brand Protection in Digital Media
12/11/2013 27th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
11/12/2013 Third Annual Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
09/26/2013 Conducting IP Due Diligence in a Post-AIA Era
05/09/2013 Update on Biopharma IP Issues in Growth Markets: Russia, China, India, Korea and Brazil
03/13/2013 2013 Patent Litigation Seminar
01/24/2013 Second Annual Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
12/05/2012 26th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
04/26/2012 Patent Litigation at the ITC
03/14/2012 2012 NJIPLA Patent Litigation Seminar
02/07/2012 The Inside Track to the Proposed Rules for Implementation of the America Invents Act
01/18/2012 Biopharma IP Issues in Emerging Markets: Brazil and India
12/07/2011 25th Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update
11/09/2011 Electronics, Telecom and Software Patent Practice Update
12/08/2010 Chief Patent Counsel Roundtable and Honorable William G. Young's Keynote Address Help Make 24th Annual PCPPU a Success
03/08/2010 Patent Litigation Seminar
12/09/2009 23rd Annual Pharmaceutical / Chemical Patent Practice Update

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